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Visitation of Bishop


Please be advised that the Rt. Rev. Stephen D. Strawn, Diocesan Bishop of the Missouri Valley will be visiting Trinity Anglican Parish, located at 3920 W. 63rd St., Prairie Village Kansas, on April 29, 2018 AD. The purpose of his visit will be to Consecrate the Church Building after paying off the existing mortgage, and to install the Rev. Ernest S. Pinto as the official Rector of the parish.


You are formally invited to come to the church for witness and services on April 29, 2018 beginning at 9:00 AM.  F. Ernie can be reached by phone at 561-312-7059  (cell), or at the church office at 913-432-2687  if more information is needed. God Bless you, and we look forward to seeing everyone.

In His Love, and Service

Rev. Ernest S. Pinto, SSA, Rector

Trinity Anglican Parish

Prairie Village, Kansas

April 2018 Calendar

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Sunday Services

08:00 a.m. Holy Communion with Sermon

09:00 a.m. Adult Education (September – May) / Adult Forum (June-August)

10:15  a.m. Matins & Holy Communion with Music and Sermon 

Adult Education

                                             2017 Jan 1 Adult Study

Come find Jesus in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer at 09:00 am on Sundays.

Bible Study

1:00 pm on Saturdays     Women’s Fellowship

1:00 am on Wednesdays.

The Book of Acts

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Religion is not a way of looking at “certain” things;

It is a “certain” way of looking at all things.


The frailty of a faith is shown by culture’s effect on it;

The virility of a faith is shown by its effect on culture.


Faith is not about everything turning out okay;

Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.


What is Our Faith ?

        Our faith comes from Jesus Christ the Son of God, the teachings of Holy Scriptures, the undivided church and the Creeds and Councils.  Through these things we are given the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We are an authentic Anglican expression of the Catholic Faith descending from the Reformation.  Our 1928 Book of Common Prayer is an authentic revision of the line of English Books of Common Prayer from 1549 through 1662.

Our Mission is …

       Our Mission is to proclaim the catholic faith in the Anglican Tradition.

We seek to glorify God through reverent worship, biblical teaching, and sacramental life.

We seek God’s Grace to enable us to affirm Our Lord’s Great Commission which we will accomplish through a positive presence of faithful witness and true godliness in our community.

What do we Teach ?

        We teach only what we have been given by One God, Two Testaments, Three Creeds, Four Councils and Five Centuries of Early Church Development.

We stand on the three-legged stool of Anglican tradition supported by:  Holy Scriptures, Tradition and Reason.

We teach that our culture must conform to the Word of God, and that we must avoid modifying God’s Revelations to fit current cultural norms.

A Message from the Rector

We welcome you to a traditional Christian community.  We are a growing parish interested in preserving the atmosphere of a neighborhood church family.  We believe that a neighborhood parish atmosphere presents the best opportunities for all to enjoy the fellowship taught by Jesus Christ.  We are orthodox in that we have preserved the traditional doctrine as universally accepted by the mature early church.  In this way we feel we are closer to the original intent of Christ’s teachings and less inclined to obscure his teachings with current fads and misunderstandings.

Our parish is a member of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley within the Anglican Church in America.  As such we are also part of the worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion.  Our service is traditional, liturgical and sacramental.  Our doctrine is creedal.  We are part of the One, Holy Catholic Apostolic Church as founded by our Lord Jesus Christ.  We preserve the authority of Holy Scripture as the rule of faith and as a guide for life.

Our service is structured and based on the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. The word “common” is not to imply that those prayers are ordinary.  Rather it is to emphasize the common need of all of us to express our love and faith in clear, concise terms.  These prayers do not preclude extemporaneous prayers.  They ensure that our corporate services are a consistent and complete worship of our God and Saviour.  Careful consideration of the prayers in the Book of Common Prayer will show a depth of expression not available in most of our minds at any given moment.

We encourage all to participate in our worship service.  We believe the greatest value is obtained from any service by active participation.  You will notice that we stand to praise, sit to learn, and kneel to pray.  You will also notice a variety of reverences.  Some show reverence by genuflecting and some by bowing.  We realize that physical constraints sometimes affect our ability to show reverence.  We encourage the strongest show of reverence felt by the participant and appreciate any that is heartfelt and sincere.

We hope you will join us for our services and activities.  You will find many people willing to assist you in understanding our liturgy and doctrine.  We all enjoy sharing the special fellowship that comes from praying, giving and building together.  We would love to have you join our church family and help us spread this fellowship.

Fr. Forrest Burgett


If you are seeking answers to one of the following questions, you are seeking what the True Orthodox Christian Faith has to offer.


Are you seeking:

 The peace of knowing you are living in accord with this world’s design?

A way to handle the frenetic pace of modern life without upsetting your spiritual peace?

A truth that does not change with the point of view?

A better understanding of life and your part in it?

Orthodoxy in a world that doesn’t remember what it means?

A distinction between “Conservative” and “Traditional”?

A clear understanding of “Christian”, “Catholic”, “Orthodox” and “Anglican”?

The true meaning of Christ’s teachings?

A faith that hold God’s Word as unchangeable in spite of cultural shifts?

A Christian Community that does not re-invent themselves to suit the cultural norms?

A place to practice the timeless faith for which we were created?

The True Orthodox Faith offers comfort and help in all these areas.