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Text Box: Sunday Service Times
  08:00 am - Traditional Quiet Holy Communion with sermon.
  09:00 am - Adult Education or Adult Forum (Religious Discussion).
  10:15 am - Traditional Matins & Holy Eucharist with music and sermon.
                  - Youth Sunday School & Nursery
  Prayer Book Holy Days
          06:30 pm - Evening Prayer & Holy Communion with sermon.
  Tuesday & Thursday
          09:00 am - Morning Prayer
          09:00 am - Morning Prayer
          11:00 am - Bible Study (September through May)


The Vitality of a Religion is shown in it's effect on culture.

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The Frailty of a Religion is shown in culture's effect on it.



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Are You a Seeker?


Are you seeking:

The peace of knowing you are living in accord with this world's design?

Are you seeking:

A way to handle the frenetic pace of modern life without upsetting your spiritual peace?

Are you seeking:

A truth that does not change with the point of view?

Are you seeking:

A better understanding of life and your part in it?

Are you seeking:

Orthodoxy in a world that doesn't remember what it means?

Are you seeking:

A distinction between "Conservative" and "Traditional"?

Are you seeking:

A clear understanding of "Christian", "Catholic", "Orthodox" and "Anglican"?

Are you seeking:

The true meaning of Christ's teachings?

Are you seeking:

A faith that hold God's Word as unchangeable in spite of cultural shifts?

Are you seeking:

A Christian Community that does not re-invent themselves to suit the cultural norms?

Are you seeking:

A place to practice the timeless faith for which we were created?



Then you are seeking what the True Orthodox Christian Faith has to offer.

The True Orthodox Faith offers comfort and help in all these areas.

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