The temporal business of the parish is handled by the Vestry assisted by several volunteer groups, such as the Sexton’s Guild, the Altar Guild, and the Flower Guild, along with Lay Readers, Acolytes, & Crucifers.

Margaret Jenkins is the Music Director Emeritus after 25 years of service.

Dr. Steven McDonald is the Music Director who provides the church with worship music, a choir and special musical offerings.

Ross Donnell is the Senior or Rector’s Warden.

Ed Fullington is the Junior or People’s Warden.

Elizabeth Thompson is the Treasurer.

Janie Burgett is the Secretary.

Clerical Staff


The Reverend Ernie Pinto

Priest in Charge October 2017


The Reverend Canon Forrest W. Burgett (Deceased)

Rector from 1997 – 2017

Dean of the Midwest Deanery from 2002 – 2011

Dean of the Southern Deanery from 2011 –

Canon to the Ordinary (DMV) from 2013 –

President of the ACA House of Clergy from 2014 – 2017



The Reverend Deacon Michael Grear (Resigned)

Deacon from 2001 – 2015



The Reverend Robert Hill Porter (Deceased)

Associate Priest from 1987 – 1991

Rector from 1991 – 1997

Rector Emeritus from 1997 – 2011



The Very Reverend James A. Krehemker (Retired)

Associate Priest from 1989 – 2009



The Reverend Gerald L. Claudius (Deceased)

Associate Priest from 1991 – 1999



The Reverend Canon Charles W. Stockton (Retired)

Vicar from 1980 – 1990

Rector from 1990 – 1991


The Reverend Deacon Dr. Fredric Speers (Deceased)

Deacon in Charge from 1980 – 1980